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-----Presently, the discovery of new knowledges and the development of innovative technologies have been increasing rapidly. This results in the rapid progress and   highly competitive trends in all industrial sectors, including agro-industry and biomanufacturing industry.
Fermentation technology is one of the core technologies, which plays an important role in agro-industry, especially the biomanufacturing industry. It requires multidisciplinary collaboration across disciplines aiming at the improvement of the production processes, the innovation of bioprocesses and products to obtain high value-added products with high efficiency.
-----Thailand is an agro-industrial based country, while “Fermentation Technology” is an important technology for the production of diverse commercial products. Envisaging this vital and significant role, the Fermentation Research Center for Value Added Agricultural Products (FerVAAP) was established in 2002 with the main objective to become one of the excellence centers among the 12 research centers initiated. FerVAAP has been currently mandated to focus on R&D activites in the areas of fermented foods, alcoholic  beverages, fine biochemicals and other bioproducts and  renewable energy.
FerVAAP is at present one of the twenty-one research centers of Khon Kaen University, Thailand, located on the fourth floor of the TE06 building, Faculty of Technology.

-----FerVAAP aims to be a leading  research center in Thailand for producing high quality researches and research personnel in the key areas of fermented foods, alcoholic beverages, renewable energy and environmental biotechnology on the basis of multidisciplinary teamworks for problem solving and innovations of products and processes to meet the rapidly changing needs of society.


-----1. To conduct research and participate in defining the national and international agenda in the policy making and setting directions of research involving the development of technologies for the production of fermented foods, alcoholic beverages and renewable energy.
-----2. To produce research personnel and research results for solving problems and development of complete system in the sequential production steps and quality assurance of fermented foods, alcoholic beverages and renewable energy.
-----3. To carry out research and development for the innovation of fermented foods and alcoholic beverages from Thailand’s predominant raw materials to become products of  uniqueness and high quality.
-----4. To be an information and technology transfer center on fermentation technology for fermented foods, alcoholic beverages and renewable energy for the promotion of business and industry to communities.

-----1. To become an excellence center with specific emphasis on fermented foods, alcoholic beverages, renewable energy and other bioproducts which produces high quality research works with continuity and sustainability.
-----2. To produce high quality research personnel to become future leaders in fermentation technology research and development in both governmental and industrial organizations.
-----3. To promote the collaborative research and development activities with industries and to build up innovations in bioprocesses or novel bioproducts which are the uniqueness and strength of the excellence center in fermentation technology.


-----1. Research and development on traditional and industrial alcoholic beverages.
-----2. Research and development on fermented foods.
-----3. Research and development on the utilization of biological materials for renewable energy production by fermentation technology.
-----4. Research and development on the preservation and utilization of microbial strains in fermentation processes.
-----5. Collaboration with private sectors in research and development for industrial fermentation products of    competitive potential.
-----6. Application of biotechnology for product innovation and bioprocess improvement.

-----Since 2002 FerVAAP has been certified by the Excise Department as a standardized laboratory for the quality examination and certification of both the community’s non-distilled alcoholic beverages and the distilled spirit products according to the Excise Department’s quality specifications.

-----To attain the goals of producing high quality research and research personnel, FerVAAP allocates annual research funding programs on the topics related to fermented foods, alcoholic beverages, biomanufactured products and renewable energy in every fiscal years. They are divided into 2 categories.
-----1. Research funds for research and development of
research personnel of Khon Kaen University.
-----2. Research funds for graduate students.


-----1. Training or Workshop on specific topics in regard to problem solving, product development or process technology.
-----2. Being an excellence center where communications and other organizations can access and exchange information, ideas, skills and techniques in the areas of fermented foods, alcoholic beverages and renewable energy.
-----3. Providing consultancies to problems and problem solving in the production processes of fermented foods, alcoholic beverages and renewable energy.
-----4. Cooperation with other agencies in the analysis and development of solutions to urgent problems of the communities.